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Marie Caitlin Insontis
13 December
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The Basics: My name is Marie Caitlin Insontis. I'm a fifth year and, I just turned 16! I have received the privilege to be prefect of Ravenclaw. My wand is an 11 inch Maple with unicorn tail. I was born on December 13th which is fan-tab-u-lous because I LOVE Hogwarts in the winter.

Family: My darling mum works at St. Mungo's and my dad stays home to take care of his rather witty mum, Grandmother. She's quite a peachy dear. The only thing she loves more then rats and chocolate frogs is, well, me. Though I hate to admit it, I'm unfortunately related to Elle who you probably have heard... nevermind... you won't have heard of her. But she's a seventh year and my not-so-fortunate-in-the-looks-department sister.

Favorite Things: Pumpkin juice, talking to the Gray Lady, getting extra help sessions from Professors, older boys, and, of course, Hogwarts at winter.

Dislikes: Elle, Skele-Gro, those nasty little buggers called freckles, History of Magic, and not getting my way with the professors.

Physical Description: I have blonde hair with gentle curls and a teeny nose, just like my mum. I have deep blue eyes just like Elle (other then that we look NOTHING alike) there are a few fading freckles sprinkled on my face. I'm average height, thin and ahem... well endowed.

School Life: I obviously will be performing noble duties as a prefect, but I do have a mission: seduce Sirius Black using free time acquired by giving potions master the always effective cutesy eyes paired up with the ever arousing quill drop. In the future I would really love to be named Head Girl, become and animagus (would love to be a cocker spaniel!), and to beat Elle in O.W.L.s (not that it'll be too hard)